A Powerful Journey Into The 'Science of Life'

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What's Inside The Full Course?

Module 1: The Living Science of Prana

This module is the most foundational of the course, but also the most etheric or esoteric. Here we build the essential framework and understanding that lies under all of Ayurveda and Yoga, and that will serve you for years to come. These are teachings that you can spend the rest of your life studying and meditating on, and you’ll always pull something new out of them.

Module 2: Secrets of Life-Long Health

In Module 2 we’re going to go DEEP into the teachings of the five elements, which give rise to the three body types—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. You’re going to start to understand how YOUR specific body/mind system is uniquely designed. You’ll begin to understand how you tend to go out of balance, and how you can bring yourself back to equilibrium. This wisdom and understanding will allow you to build extraordinary health and vitality over the course of your life. 

Module 3: Rooting Out Disease

In Module 3 we are going to take a deep dive into the mind, because—important is the body, more important is the mind. Here we go deep into the understanding of the psyche, and how it operates. We start to look at how the constant stream of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires starts to animate human behavior, and how it begins to feed into the tissues of our body. In this module, we will go deep into your individual prakriti—how you are uniquely designed, and your individual vikriti—the current state of balance in your body. Only with this knowledge can we begin to get our body/mind organism in sync with what it is we came here to do. 

Module 4: Healthy & Happy Psyche

In this module we go deep into the science of digestion. In Ayurveda, we say that all disease begins with digestion—but this is not just how our body digests food, it’s how we digest life. We will look at how we are taking in life through the five senses, and how it is being projected back out via our presence. Our projection creates and equal and opposite attraction. We’re going to begin to create the type of mind/body organism that is tuned to a heightened frequency, so that you experience the heightened expressions of the five elements. 

Module 5: The Way of Yogic Medicine

Here we start to look at the practical application of the Ayurvedic science and Ayurvedic Pharmacology. Because we’ve taken the time to build the philosophical support and understanding underneath the science, now when we apply the Ayurvedic teachings, we will be doing so in a way that’s sophisticated. We’re going to practice in a way that will give us inspiration to use the teachings in a consistent and sustainable way in our lives. 

Module 6: The Ayurvedic Art of Eating

 Here we’re going to take the deep dive into food sadhana and Ayurvedic alchemy. We’ll learn how to use the food in our lives in order to build the optimum physical and mental environment for the spiritual path. This module is one of the most exciting because this is where we start to really apply the knowledge we’ve been building to structure our food sadhana (daily practice of eating) throughout the seasons of the year. 

Module 7: Ayurvedic Herbalism

Here we start to experiment with, and build a sophisticated understanding of, Ayurvedic Herbology. It’s the deep science behind the herbs, and the base of knowledge that we’ve been building throughout the course that makes this part of the course so much fun, so enjoyable, and so effective. We’re going to use the wisdom of Ayurvedic Herbology to cleanse and build the body, to clarify the mind, and to increase the sattvic, spiritual energy in the body. 

Module 8: Life-Long Vitality

In the final module of this course we go into the Ayurvedic Lifestyle: from what you do when you get up in the morning, all the way until what you do when you go to bed at night, and how the rhythm and laws of nature govern our lives. It is through this Ayurvedic lifestyle that we transform all the knowledge we’ve learned through the course into deep wisdom via our lived experience. 

Bonus 1: Ayurvedic Secrets for Radiant Skin

The Ayurvedic Secrets for Radiant Skin is an advanced class that builds on what you will learn in the full course. It is released after the eighth and final module of the course. You will learn an herbal system and strategy to keep the inner and outer aspects of the skin healthy and bright. You will learn how to purify and strengthen the inner terrain of the body so that the skin is strong, clear and glows with luster.

Bonus 2: Making Herbal Formulas

In Ayurveda, herbs are considered to be most effective when properly combined with other synergestic herbs. Not all herbs work well together and all formulas are certainly not created equal. When formulating herbs based on the energetic principles of Ayurveda, one can fine tune formulas for different people and different purposes. Herbs can be directed towards specific purposes in the body and mind and their effectiveness can increase dramatically. 


  • The course consists of eight video modules delivered over a period of eight weeks so that you can assimilate the teachings and practices at an effective pace. Each module is an hour to an hour and a half in length.
  • Each class is provided in both video and audio format. The video format is dynamic and adds a visual element to the learning experience. The audio allows you to listen on the go!
  • You can stream the classes from the course website and/or download the video/audio files to your computer.
  • The course includes PDF downloads that provide powerful imagery and helpful tools to assist your through the experience of living Ayurveda.
  • Self-guided questions and action steps with each module will help you digest the teachings more deeply.
  • You will own the course and can access it at any time you wish. It is a powerful life asset that is yours forever.


A Powerful Journey Into The 'Science of Life'

Your Price: Only $500

Get immediate access to The Complete Course of Ayurveda 2.0. All 8 modules + 2 bonuses in video & audio format. Download course material for viewing offline, or stream anytime from any device!

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