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Here's the is the birthright of every person to activate their radiance. But the reality takes work. It takes effort, it takes grit, and it takes real commitment. 


Yet, my experience is this: This is the type of work we all long for. 


It's the most beautiful type of work. It is a work that is profoundly fulfilling. It is the type of work that we fall in love with and look forward to each and every day. 


It's the type of work we're created for. 


Human radiance is not an abstract phenomenon. It is the psycho-energetic effect of a person shedding their facade, breaking their mask and allowing the magnificence of the true heart to shine forth.  


When the brilliant light of what you really are is able to project through your body, you will automatically move in the direction of whatever you were born to do. All true happiness, all lasting vitality and all genuine prosperity is born from this place. 

Please join us for this incredible journey 

Inside 'The Radiant Body 3.0'

Module 1: The Timeless Body

There are three magnetic forces of every soul body: Everyone wants to know absolute truth. Everyone wants to live forever. And everyone wants to experience supreme love. In order to fulfill these innate desires, the sages developed the science and the art of yoga. As long as we pursue these three forces in the external plane, we will feel unhappy, discontent, and lackluster. Through these practices we pursue these desires by creating intimacy with the most powerful part of ourselves, the part that never dies. The result is a field of illumination that projects from the mind and the body, which reveals truth from falsehood, and reveals to us the path to fulfill our mission. 

Module 2: The 4 Pursuits of Human Life

As human beings, we can build the kind of magnetism that will draw towards us the things we need to fulfill our mission, and repel away the things that are not serving us. It is crucial to understand how this will work at each stage of our lives. Every stage of life has a dharma, a purpose. If we fail to fulfill the purpose of each stage, the mind becomes discontent, and we become distracted from our greater mission. When you understand the purpose behind each stage of life, you can then supercharge your greater mission on earth. 

Module 3: Anatomy of the Mind

Here’s the catch about yoga: we’re actually not trying to change anything, because we’re already perfect! All we’re doing is purifying what lies in between you, and your experience of what you truly are— the subconscious mind. The yogic sciences have a vast and profound understanding of the mind and how it operates. When you discover the inner 'anatomy' of your mind, it changes everything. You can become self-confident, focused, and truly loving because you’re attuned to your true nature. You can begin to sculpt a mind that serves your purpose, and thus, your happiness.

Module 4: The Wheel of Intelligence

We must understand this: important is the body, but MORE important is the mind! When we begin to elevate the frequency of the life-force energy moving through our body, we can magnetically alter the very frequency of our thoughts to ones that are fueling our growth and expansion. When we can change the frequency of our thoughts, we can uplift the frequency of our desire and our magnetism. This is when true transformation can take place: when the life-force in the body is drawing us towards the very things that will cause us to expand, to brighten, and to fulfill our mission on planet earth. 

Module 5: The Pranic Winds

The human body/mind is animated by five "pranic winds." When these winds are out of balance, all kinds of dis-ease, of both the body and mind, begin to emerge. When our pranic energy — our life-force — is in balance, it acts as a rhythmic love intelligence. It activates as a catalyst for spiritual blossoming. It brings us into greater harmony with our true nature, with the world around us, and with all of Creation. In this Module we learn the very specific yogic practices and meditations that generate balance and bring the subtle forces of our energetic body into deeper alignment. Together, we will use our bodies and minds as marvelous instruments, to vibrate a harmonic frequency in time and space. 

Module 6: The 5 Seats of Fire: Part 1

Perhaps more than anything else, the human body is a metabolic organism. The balance of Earth/Water & Air/Ether is controlled by the supremely important Fire Element. In this module, you'll discover the 5 primary seats of fire in the body, how to decrease their inflammatory tendencies and how to ignite them for luster, radiance, and spiritual awareness. This isn’t just about the body, it’s about metabolizing emotion into compassion, it’s about discerning falsehood from truth, and turning every experience in our lives into a vehicle to experience greater Love.

Module 7: The 5 Seats of Fire: Part 2

How do you tend to your inner fire? In Part 2 of The 5 Seats of Fire, we learn the essential practices to be the “fire-keepers” of our body’s most precious energy. If we don’t keep our fire healthy and tend to it properly, it will express itself in undesirable ways. The teachings and meditations in this module give us the guidance we need to direct our fiery energy to its most elevated expression. It’s not about suppressing our fire or simply cooling ourselves off, it’s about using it to burn away our density, reveal our beautiful radiance and give us an experience of blissfulness.  

Module 8: The 5 Nectars

One can have great fire, powerful prana, and illuminated awareness, but if it is not contained within the nourishing waters of the body, these powers are non-sustainable. Without proper insulation, even a well-tended fire will burn us or burn out. On the physical level, the nourishing juices of the body provide youth and protection. On a subtle level, they provide the mind with sweet devotion. The practices in Module 8 will help us carve out a canal for the devotional energy to flow and train our minds to flow in that direction.

Module 9: Magnetism

When we live under the control of the 5 elements, we can expect the expression of our lives to be limited. We must learn to live ‘above’ the 5 elements, in order to activate our purpose and live to our fullest potential. Whether or not we succeed in this pursuit is largely dependent on our magnetic field and how the life-force is concentrated in our body. When we apply the potent yogic practices found Module 9 to 'turn the wheels of the psyche,' we can transform the mind's energy into its highest function toward lasting fulfillment and a deep sense of purpose.

Module 10: The Radiant Body

Love and compassion must be the primary objective of human life. While the end result of Kundalini Yoga may be supreme radiance, if we don’t have Love, whatever radiance we generate will not be sustainable and will be diminished by the ego. When all of the elements are balanced and transformed into their subtlest form, a field of illumination projects from the mind & body. It’s this energy, coupled with the infinite capacity of the heart, that is the key to awakening the totality of our Love for the benefit of all beings everywhere. 

The Full-Course Details

  • The course consists of ten complete modules delivered immediately. You'll receive weekly reminders to keep you on a 10-week track so you can assimilate the teachings and practices at an effective pace. Each module is an hour to an hour and a half in length.
  • Each class is provided in both video and audio format. The video format is dynamic and adds a visual element to the learning experience. The audio allows you to listen on the go!
  • You can stream the classes from the course website and/or download the video and audio files to your computer. It's very flexible and accessible for every lifestyle. There is no rush to finish the course.
  • In addition to the 10 modules, you will also receive some special course bonuses, and a personal invitation (for you + a guest) to our Life-Force Academy Immersion.
  • You will own the course and can access it at any time you wish. It is a powerful life asset that is yours forever.
  • There will be a core yoga/meditation practice that you will work with each day as you move through the course. The everyday practice is what makes the course experience particularly transformative.
  • If for any reason you decide the course is not for you, you have a full 60-day guarantee period to let us know and we'll send you a full refund. It's risk free. 

Special Course Bonuses

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There is a mathematical reality to the universe, of which the yogis have codified and passed down through time. By understanding the numerology associated with the different facets of the human being, one can gain great insight into their personal strengths, talents, as well as weaknesses and challenges (and how to overcome them).  

Jai Dev will teach the basics of understanding the yogic science of numerology and how you can calculate your own numbers and gain insights that will help you along your path. You will understand how to design your yoga practice based on your unique numerology.


The Gong is the supreme sound tool for inducing a deep meditative state, cleansing the subconscious mind and assisting you into a state of wonderful relaxation. 'Naad Rasayan' is Jai Dev Singh's new guided meditation, visualization and Gong recording that you'll receive as a free bonus to the Radiant Body 3.0 course. This powerful audio recording can be used before bed, or any time you wish. Simply lay down, put on your headphones and go on a journey into the realm of the supreme sound.  

Naad is the awakening power within the sound current. Rasayan is a type of profound rejuvenation that promotes healing and longevity. The Naad Rasayan recording can be used on your computer, iPhone, Android or any other MP3 player.


Join in now! Your full-course access price is $575.

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