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Module 1: The Highest Yoga

Cultivating harmony in your relationship is not an impediment or distraction from your spiritual growth—it is a catalyst for it. As human beings desiring to have an experience of real, unadulterated, and unconditional love, a romantic relationship is one of the most powerful vehicles through which to bring the unseen to our consciousness. Through the relationship, we are able to expand our sense of what we are, and what life is about. In this module, we unpack the concept of the Sweetest Love. We set the foundation for a healthy, harmonious relationship that will uplift and elevate both people, and propel each individual toward their destiny. 

Module 2: Giving and Receiving Love

The foundation for any healthy and sustainable relationship is self-love and self-confidence. It is from here that our experience of unconditional love begins to emerge, and serves as a wellspring for ourselves and our partners. In this module, we empower ourselves with the tools to provide a deeper experience of unconditional self-love. It is from this place of deeper self-confidence that we’re able to help our partners experience love—but here’s the trick—in the particular way that they are able to feel it. When each person in the relationship is receiving love in this way, the relationship once again becomes something deeply enjoyable and nurturing to both people. 

Module 3: Science of Polarities

We live on a polarity planet. Many relationships struggle because we have simply never learned the nature of our polarity. When you don't understand the nature of the male/female polarity, it's like paddling upstream. When you understand the laws of nature, it's as if you have finally turned your boat around and can flow downstream with great ease. The male psyche and the female psyche are completely different. This ancient science of polarity is the foundation of yoga, and certainly the foundation of the sacred relationship. In this module we endeavor to experience the qualities of the divine masculine and the divine feminine inside of ourselves, so that we can begin to cultivate those qualities inside our relationship. 

Module 4: Woman to Woman

There is nothing more powerful on this planet than the woman. A woman has the capacity to create life and nourish her creation through her unique design. She is capable of molding her environment, her relationship, her destiny, but only if she owns her own innate power. In this module, Simrit speaks to the women, sharing the deep wisdom of what it means to embody the Feminine and how to access this power for the benefit of all. 

Module 5: Man to Woman

In this module, Jai Dev speaks directly to the women. This is a valuable and rare opportunity to hear a candid, real and effective approach to experiencing joy, deep love, and fulfillment with your partner. You'll learn how to nurture your partner's genuine needs while simultaneously creating an environment that will also nurture yours. If you would like to unlock the heart of your lover and experience the female energy in her full power and beauty, this fun and uplifting module will teach you how.

Module 6: Man to Man & Woman to Man

As a man, how do we harness the powerful energy that we embody? How do we develop high caliber, strong backbone & great strength, while simultaneously remaining receptive, open & vulnerable, soft when necessary, and compassionate? How do we handle the pressures of providing and money? Jai Dev offers up a powerful set of teachings on recalibration, refinement, and mastery of the masculine energy. We’ll learn how to wield our powerful sex drive in a way that is healthy, respectful, and fulfilling. We'll also learn the secrets to communicating love in a way that makes women feel seen, supported, and satisfied. This is not a module on man-shaming! It’s an honest discussion on how we can use our masculine desire for mastery and channel it into our relationships in a way that cultivates a deeper connection with our partners. Get ready for some revelations!  

Module 7: Sex & Money

There are certain things we are told not to talk about, and yet long for wisdom to guide us. Instead of struggling on our own, there are places we can look within the yogic teachings to give us the support and guidance we need! This module covers many of the major pain points in relationships and offers skillful tools to navigate them with integrity and grace. Simrit and Jai Dev both share their lighthearted but profound insight and experience in the realms of sex and money. When we learn how to transform the energy in these specific areas, it can unlock a dormant power inside us that makes our relationships and lives flow more creatively and harmoniously! 

Module 8: A Long-Term Blissful Relationship

Imagine having a complete and fulfilling relationship with your current partner, or attracting an ideal companion into your life. From wherever you are in your relationship, you want the skills and wisdom to create unwavering happiness and long-term bliss that will sustain you in even the most challenging times. Module 8 is the key to living happily ever after! It’s not like the fairytales or movies paint it… this is a deeper joy that you and your partner share and that will uplift and elevate your lives. If you commit to the work that comes before this final Module, this last chapter will be a sweet reward and deliver the final touches to crystallize a lasting experience of the Sweetest Love. 


  • The course consists of eight modules and is designed so that you'll receive one module per week, over an eight-week period. 
  • Each module has a teaching section, and yoga/meditation section. Can't begin right away? No worries! You have lifetime access to the course. There is no time limit for when you must finish the course!
  • You can download the entire course to your computer. This is an awesome feature as it allows you to take the course with you when you don't have an internet connection.
  • Each class is provided in both video and audio format. The video format is dynamic and adds a visual element to the learning experience. The audio allows you to listen on the go!
  • Jai Dev & Simrit answer questions from course-owners in two pre-recorded Q&A classes! 
  • This course has a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you get the course, and then for any reason decide that it is not for you...simply email our team within 60 days and they will send you a full refund. 
  • This course was created for people of all walks of life. It doesn't matter what your age is, how flexible or strong you are...none of that matters. It will meet you where you are.
  • This course is designed to give you REAL-LIFE results, and that requires REAL-LIFE ACTION! By the end of the course, you'll be well-prepared to begin a home practice that will keep you happy, healthy, and radiant.  

Special Course Bonuses

When you purchase The Sweetest Love, you'll also receive these special bonus gifts:

Bonus #1: Couple's Constitution Class - You and Your Partner's Dosha Explained

One of the beautiful things about Ayurveda (the Yogic Science of Life) is that it can offer us a clear picture of one's mental, physical and emotional health and tendency for imbalance based on their constitution or dosha. This awareness comes in handy in understanding how you and your partner's constitutions complement or aggravate each other and how to create the most health and harmony in your relationship! 

Bonus #2: Attracting Your Perfect Partner - Yogic Principles of Magnetism

The yogis offer us a sophisticated approach to drawing in or attracting that which is truly beneficial into our lives. These teachings can be applied to successfully manifesting the right partner into your life. Imagine avoiding hopeless entanglements and hapless heartbreak! Why not focus your life-force and precious energy into calling in someone who will really elevate and inspire you on your journey?! In this bonus, you will learn how to do just that! 

Bonus #3: Student Pricing on In-Person Attendance at a Life-Force Academy Immersion

As an added bonus that we think will make this simply irresistible…when you register for the Sweetest Love 2.0, you will receive a significant student discount to attend any upcoming in-person Life-Force Academy Immersion. Your student pricing can also be extended to one additional guest.* The potential savings of this bonus alone is worth far more than the course itself! (Value = $800-$1600)

*Each guest must register separately, using appropriate promo code. This offer expires when space at each event fills up. 




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You have seen them. That couple that has 'the spark.'  

Their fire burns so bright you can feel it.  

They enjoy each other. They laugh together, cry together, they have been through the trials of life and have come out stronger for it—together.  

You can tell that they are genuinely in love—real love—and you wish you could know their secrets, so they could guide you on that path. Now you can...

Jai Dev is a yogi and internationally renowned teacher. He is the founder of the Life-Force Academy—a global community for yogic teachings and practices. He is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, herbalist, and travels all over the world sharing ancient yogic teachings in a uniquely accessible way that’s relevant for our times.  

Vocalist and songwriter Simrit, born in Athens, Greece, has been studying and experimenting with Kundalini Yoga for two decades. Her highly acclaimed courses, ‘The Supreme Sound’ and 'Clear & Confident', continue to be studied by thousands worldwide. She records, composes, produces music, and tours with her band giving concerts and workshops across the globe.  

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