A Worldwide Virtual Experience

Led by Yogi & Teacher, Jai Dev Singh

December 18th-21st, 2020

This Winter Solstice is like no other in our lifetime...

Since ancient times, the Winter Solstice has been regarded as one of the most mystical and important times of the year. To those attuned to the natural world, it’s undeniable.

It is a time of profound renewal...an extraordinary window for blissful meditative awareness.

Yet, on this Winter Solstice of 2020, something truly exceptional is taking place: The ‘Grand Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction’ falls on the Solstice day! 

A Grand Conjunction occurs when Jupiter (the great expanding planet) and Saturn (the great constricting planet) enter the same degree of the same constellation.

This is an important and life-changing occurrence. 

This Winter Solstice marks a momentous opportunity to harness the wind of change and direct our sails to a life greater than we could have previously imagined only a year ago. Otherwise, we are vulnerable to being swept away by the currents of tremendous turbulence.

You are invited to an epic multi-day transformational journey to unlock your life-force, and up-level every aspect of your life. 

Starting on the Friday evening of December 18th, and culminating with a transporting global meditation during the Grand Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on the Winter Solstice day (12/21), we will gather together from our homes and households in over 60 countries across the globe.


You have a great work to do in this lifetime.

While these times are overflowing with challenges, there has never been a better time to purify that which is no longer serving you and to activate the energy of what your life is truly about.  

In this home activation-retreat, you'll gain the tools to genuinely experience the subtle, majestic nature of your being. We will explore the inspiration of our ancestors, of wise-ones who have laid the path before us, of seers who long ago pierced the veils of time and foretold of the great days we are now living.

Either we can sulk in our difficulties, indulge the depression, amplify our worry and anger....or, we can draw a line in the sand and commit to doing what it takes to experience the joy of living. If we continue to let outer circumstances dictate our level of love and joy, we will forever chase a contentment that is as elusive as a fading rainbow. 

On the other hand, if we truly wish to be happy and to discover the deeper meaning of our life...and if we’re willing to do the real work to unearth it...we can experience a joy that will not fade away. 

The Winter Solstice of 2020 is our turning point.

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Journey through The 7 Spheres of Wisdom 

Every session of this event will travel through a sphere, archetype, or facet of the human experience. It is a tuning of the entire human vehicle: body, mind, life-force, and its complex subtle energies. From here we gain the vitality to lead our life through the language of the heart. 

Each session will include an active yoga practice, beautiful meditations, and wisdom teaching, all set to the extraordinary soundscape of SIMRIT. Every session will be appropriate for any level of experience. 


All Sessions Can Be Attended Live and/or Via the On-Demand Recording

SESSION 1 - The Wisdom of Patience

FRIDAY - 12/18/20 - 5:30pm - 8:00pm PT

Saturn -  Earth Element -  Muladhara  - Constriction - Practicality

We all yearn for a sense of security. The real security is dwelling in the energy of our soul, beyond the ups and downs. Yet, our tendencies prevent us from consistently doing so. By deeply purifying the root center of the psyche, the muladhara chakra, we prepare our foundation for long-lasting happiness. Without a balanced root, everything else rests on shaky ground. 

Only wisdom-seekers are able to harmonize the greatness of Saturn within their life. In our opening session, we discover our higher octave in the quest for a calm, steady, and powerful life-rhythm.

SESSION 2 - The Wisdom of Devotion

Saturday - 12/19/20 - 9:30am-12:30pm PT

Jupiter - Water Element - Svadisthana - Expansion - Visionary

Prosperity, pleasure, wisdom and good-fortune. None of us will complain when a healthy serving of all-of-the-above land on our plates! Prosperity is the fruitful flow of life when all of the resources required for our life’s unique Dharma arrive in its perfect timing. 

When we tune our vessel to the flow of the spirit, the grand energy of creativity animates our every moment. Prosperous activity is a reality that includes all others happiness, not just our own, down to the tiniest life forms of the universe.

Jupiter is divine love, joy, wisdom. In session two, we activate the flow of innate prosperity. 

SESSION 3 - The Wisdom of Discipline

featuring Live Music from SIMRIT

Saturday - 12/19/20 - 2:30pm - 5:30pm PT

Mars - Fire Element - Manipura - energy - self-confidence & focus

What shall we do with our life’s energy? How will we harness our life-force and mobilize it in the direction of what will bring us and others greater happiness? How will we cause our fire to glow with luminosity, and to not rage in ways that harms others and ourselves? When the energy of mars is concentrated and directed via our higher callings, it acts as a great ‘dharma engine’ helping us to focus and persevere no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

In session three, we harness our inner power. We gather our vital energy, strengthen immune intelligence, and activate self-confidence.

SESSION 4 - The Wisdom of Love

Sunday - 12/20/20 - 9:30am-12:30pm PT

Venus - Air Element - Anahata - inspiration - love of truth

Without magic, what is our life? If we’ve reduced our reality to its least common denominator, boredom and depression set in. It is here, that primal creative urges transmute into a transcendent love. Our path is no longer a dry science, but a courtship, a love affair. You have become the great artist with every moment your muse. Pleasure and pain dissolve into bliss. Love rules the day. 

In our fourth session, we enter the realm of inspiration. The impulses of our mind and emotions transform from the self-centered ‘me’, to the purpose-filled ‘we’. 

SESSION 5 - Wisdom of The Word

featuring Live Music from SIMRIT

Sunday - 12/20/20 - 2:30pm-5:30pm PT

Mercury - Ether Element - Vishuddha - expression - intelligence

Human life is precious. To have the capacity for, and to be the carrier of a higher intelligence is a great gift and one that must be used and shared if we expect to be truly happy and healthy. Our mind and body deteriorate when we hoard whatever we have for ourselves. It’s by expression that we share our energy, and thus grow it: a kind word, a simple poem, an act of kindness. There is no limit to the forms of life’s expression and you are here to express something of tremendous value. 

What shall your life communicate to the creation. Vibrate the cosmos, cosmos will clear the path. Session five is a total vibration.

SESSION 6 - The Wisdom of Clarity

Monday - 12/21/20 - 5:00am-7:00am PT (During exact moment of Grand Conjunction!)

Moon - Super Ether - Medulla - Intuition - Soma (bliss) 

Purification of the mind, its deep subconscious patterns, its momentum’s and emotional tendencies, is the essence of meditation practice. It is what causes us to see clearly, and to experience deep content...santokh. Through our meditative awareness, all that is left is the blissful nature of reality. When one tastes the bliss of unadulterated awareness, even if only for a moment, our body is filled with sweet vitality, our purpose is restored, and our hearts dwell in the field of loving-awareness.

Session six is the most unique experience of the journey. An enlivening exercise set followed by a transporting meditation journey, 62 minutes of deep meditation during the absolute peak of the 2020 Grand Conjunction.  

SESSION 7 - The Wisdom of Purpose

Monday - 12/21/20 - 9:30am-12:30pm PT

Sun -  Light - Ajna / Crown - Spiritual Vitality - Positive Spirit

When our lives are charged with purpose, everything just falls into place. Purpose isn’t found somewhere. It is the experience of your mind, body, and consciousness vibrating to the higher octave of your existence. It is the vitality of the spirit illuminating our path forwardWhen the energy of our body, and the light of our mind come into an energetic alignment, the goodness of things becomes vividly apparent. From the magnitude of Jupiter and Saturn, to the tiniest atom, everything is conspiring for your bliss.

The Great Conjunction on the Winter Solstice Day, an extremely rare cosmic occurrence, will make our seventh session one that we will not forget. This is how we set up our lives for success in our endeavors. May our efforts extend out like a living prayer, that all beings be happy and free of suffering!

How the Solstice Retreat Works:

  • The Retreat consists of seven video sessions. The entire event will be streamed live, and recordings will be available after.
  • Each session is provided in video format. The week after the Retreat we will be adding audio files. The video format is dynamic and adds a visual element to the learning experience. The audio allows you to listen on the go!
  • You can stream the sessions live from our website and/or download the video/audio files to your computer after the event concludes. This way you can enjoy the content offline after the event.
  • You will own the Retreat content forever and can access it at any time you wish. The virtual aspect of the event offers attendees the ability to relive the Retreat experience again and again.


Regular Price: $498

Event Price: Only $249

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"I loved the potency of the practices and the discipline it required to commit to the structure from home. The highlights for me were the energy I felt within and around me after the early morning sadhana and chanting, the connectiveness to Jai Dev’s presence even through virtual arena, the delicate and powerful music of SIMRIT, and praying for compassion in solidarity with a worldwide community during a time of great unrest." - Neema 

"I really loved the format. It was wonderful to spend such concentrated time inside a virtual container that spanned several days with community. The Zoom Room was so sweet. Of course, it's just amazing to have SIMRIT live there as well. It's just so special." - Kim 

"It was amazing to be able to still attend - from my living room - and particularly during a pandemic! I love in-person retreats but I found that I could take longer breaks if needed at home, so I could set my own pace. I loved that it was virtual and it didn’t lose any of the potency." - Kristen

"I can't thank all of you enough for creating a sacred space for me to practice more deeply compassion and love for myself and others, and for going deeper into the practice of stillness and deep listening within myself. I felt calm and more connected to my essence, to what really matters." - Sue Ann

"I LOVED the live music. It really enhanced the experience. It also helped that Jai Dev addressed those of us in the Zoom room, encouraging us and reminding us of certain things as if we were all together in one space." - Becca

"I definitely feel calmer. Even though I don't see or interact with LFA members, I feel more connected and a part of the community. The retreat gave me a feeling of belonging. The experience gave me the luxury of time to stay with my connection to what truly matters and to the divine within and that has deepened my confidence as well as a feeling of peace." - Sue Ann

"After the Immersion was over and the challenging contraction of life occurred, I kept coming back to that opening...the one that has given me the lens to see from a mindful and observing place. It is a place where I can cultivate the ability to not grip to the pleasures of life or avoid the pain. It is a vantage point that is constantly being nurtured, but post immersion I've experienced an anchoring that feels substantive. Saying that I am grateful...well...words just seem to fall short." - Mary

"I was renewed in my commitment to a kundalini yoga practice. I loved the feel of community from LFA and the immersion, even though it was virtual, still felt like such a great connection, energetically, with everyone who was doing the meditations around the world at the same time. That was incredible and to revisit that feels like a huge uplift for me in my sentiments towards humanity right now." - Emily

"I feel more self compassion and trust my intuition more. My consistency towards my practice has increased, because I really got the message that I could dedicate my practice to the happiness of others, and it's just so delightful to continue to bring this into focus when I practice now." - Michelle

About the Teachers:


Jai Dev Singh is a yogi and internationally-renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher. He is the founder of the Life-Force Academy and has authored numerous courses on Yoga and Ayurveda. He is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and formerly served as the Clinical Director at the California College of Ayurveda. He travels all over the world sharing ancient yogic teachings and practices.


Internationally-renowned vocalist and songwriter Simrit, born in Athens, Greece, has been studying and experimenting with Kundalini Yoga for two decades. Her highly-acclaimed courses, ‘The Supreme Sound’ and 'Clear & Confident,' continue to be studied by thousands worldwide. She records, composes, produces music, and tours with her band giving concerts and workshops across the globe.  

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