Led by Yogi & Teacher, Jai Dev Singh

Through incredible Kundalini Yoga practice, transporting meditations, and age-old dharma teachings, we will directly connect to the energy source of our confidence, creativity, and happiness.

We want to invite you to take a few days of your life to prioritize your well-being and joy.

Led by renowned yogi and teacher, Jai Dev, this event will recalibrate life’s energy in a way that allows us to navigate our current challenges with intuition, compassion, and courage.

Understand through compassion, or you will misunderstand the time.

We’ll journey together and have a profound experience.

The stage is set for a magical experience of great proportions!


Every session of this event will travel through a sphere, archetype, or facet of the human experience. It is a tuning of the entire human vehicle: body, mind, life-force, and its complex subtle energies. From here we gain the vitality to lead our life through the language of the heart. 

Each session will include an active yoga practice, beautiful meditations, and wisdom teaching, all set to the extraordinary soundscape of SIMRIT. Every session will be appropriate for any level of experience. 

SESSION 1 - The Vitality of Happiness

Satisfaction, Happiness, Positivity 

Real vitality cannot be obtained by food and exercise alone. The vitality of happiness has a depth and substance that holds our mind / body / heart in its natural intuitive wisdom and its flow of creativity. Habitually, we chase happiness like the sweetness of a sugary cake, only to be left with indigestion some hours later.

Real sweetness — the sweetness that fills the body with vital energy and gives the mind its power — requires deeper nutrition, the nutrition of rasa. Rasa is the ‘juice’ of happiness. When you have good rasa, it allows you to feel your sense of purpose and then live through it. Session 1 opens the doors to this deep vitality experience.

SESSION 2 - The Vitality of Energy

Invigoration, Enthusiasm, Zest for Life 

When we can genuinely feel our sense of purpose, passion is ignited. The passion fueled by purpose creates a magnificent effect — not only do we have the juice to live with a happy mind, we have the vital passionate energy to make things happen in our lives. We no longer feel anemic towards our life predicament.

Rather, we awake in the morning with an inspired enthusiasm. Our nutrient-rich blood circulates and nourishes all our tissues and organs, our life-force concentrates in the central nervous system, and we wisely use our inner-fire for our great purpose. Session 2 activates the vital energy of the enlivened human. 

SESSION 3 - The Vitality of Confidence

Courage, Self-Expression, Inner Security

It is our mind’s tendency to grasp on to things in an effort to gain stability and confidence. We latch on to relationships, work, money, sex, status, etc. This tendency is normal, yet when left as-is, our life-force is led down the road of constant sorrows and chronic insecurity.

Fortunately, there is a reservoir of real confidence which each of us can tap. Infused with the rasa of genuine purpose and the vital fire to move our energy, our deep confidence now stands on a solid foundation. We know our worth & our value; we know we are protected & are fully capable of doing whatever it takes to live happily. Session 3 strengthens the resolve of powerful confidence. 

SESSION 4 - The Vitality of Love

Self-Love, Compassion, Grace 

When our life is filled with satisfaction, our passion is strong and well-directed, and self-confidence has stabilized in our mind and body… we now have the capacity to experience a type of vital love. This is not a love that comes and goes with the waves of emotion. This is a love that revitalizes us down to each cell of our body.

It is a love that helps our organs to operate in their innate intelligence, it keeps our immune system strong, and holds our mind in a space of deep contentment. Our tender heart releases its protective shield, and a flow of loving kindness pours from our life like a continuous stream. Session 4 fills us with the vitality of self-love and limitless compassion. 

SESSION 5 - The Vitality of Elevation

Support, Stability, Resilience 

With the vitality of love vibrating our every cell, we will naturally hold our hearts up high. Our fears are dissipating, our anxiety has lost its electricity, and we can finally move in our life with a sense of real conviction. Our body no longer feels like a heavy weight, but rather a majestic vehicle perfectly designed for our life’s purpose.

Our mind is able to shape, hold, and project an elevated vision of blissful reality. We are no longer being dominated by fearful or depressing narratives. Our life-force has been lifted and we can finally feel a living joy supporting our every movement. Session 5 unlocks the vitality of the elevated life. 

SESSION 6 - The Vitality of Dharma

Fulfillment, Direction, Purpose

It’s here that we arrive at a point of great significance. With deeper vitality now established, we enter into a current of dharma — the ever-flowing river of wisdom and purpose. Here, our happiness deepens with a newfound richness. We are no longer dependent on things ‘going our way.’

We enter into a transcendent and ineffable flow that we could simply call ‘the way‘ or ‘the Tao.’ Here, real prosperity is brought to life. All that was confusing finally makes sense. There is a beam of the eyes and a magnetism to the presence. Session 6 unlocks the vitality of inner fulfillment. 

SESSION 7 - The Vitality of Creativity

Creativity, Sensuality, Inspiration

Our real bliss rests on the foundation of inspired creativity. With the 8 Human Vitalities, we generate the inner conditions for heightened creativity to operate consistently in our lives. Our projects flow from our purpose, our relationships fall into place, our daily life is artistry, and we continue to blossom and bloom.

Life is no longer a puzzle to be figured out, but a great mystery we are in divine courtship with. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly — it all rolls into one. Session 7 flows through the vitality of creativity. 

SESSION 8 - The Vitality of Radiance

Magnetism, Courage, Glow

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” - Albert Einstein

Radiance is far more than a person’s beautiful presence. Radiance causes our organs to operate efficiently, it powers our immune intelligence. Radiance is the field which holds our mind within our life’s highest octave. It causes us to shine like the sun. Radiance dissipates our old, negative habits, so we naturally desire that which brings us greater health and fulfillment. Radiance gives intuitive wisdom; it is connected to the pineal gland. It is the great heart of compassion vibrating through every cell. Session 8 unlocks the brilliance of your radiant field. 

EVENING SESSION 1: Buddhas Have More Fun

With Tenzin Robert Thurman

There's nobody quite like 'Tenzin Bob'! One of the world's great scholars of Tibetan Buddhism, a lifelong friend of the Dalai Lama, he transmits the glorious teachings of the Buddha's Dharma with joyful creativity and wit that always adds up to a memorable journey!

Tenzin Bob reminds us that bliss is at the nucleus of all life, that spiritual practice need not be stoic and stiff...but rather that we are liberated into great happiness and joy by understanding and experiencing real reality. We are very fortunate that Bob will be joining us in the LFA virtual dharma cloud!

EVENING SESSION 2: Wisdom Is Bliss

With Tenzin Robert Thurman

A joyful exploration into the nature of reality through Buddha's threefold curriculum of "super-education," divided into eight branches.

It is a path of education for anyone. You need not be Buddhist, religious, or even 'spiritual' — in fact, skeptics are most welcome. You do need to be a bit open-minded about the question of what is real and what is not real. Here, we experiment by cultivating our own good sense and inner intuitive experience.

We may just find out that ignorance is definitely not bliss — but quite the opposite — wisdom is bliss.

EVENING SESSION 3: A Night w/ Wasfia Nazreen

Wasfia Nazreen is a powerhouse… a living example of elegance, courage and unshakeable purpose in the face of tremendous adversity. Her life story is no short of a movie. Starting with tragic beginnings, to her mystic Himalayan journeys studying with some of the greatest Tibetan masters on the planet, she journeyed onto exploring some of the most treacherous places on earth, including summitting the highest mountains of every continent, in a visionary campaign to bring awareness to the courage and resilience of the women of her native country, Bangladesh.

When we live with unshakable purpose, there is no obstacle too great, no mountain too high, to impede our path forward. Through her humorous storytelling, breathtaking photographs, reverence for Mother Earth and beautiful wisdom, we gain the insight, inspiration and strength to realize and fulfill our own life’s unclimbed territories.


When we hear the word ‘radiance’, we may think of something which is out of our reach, something that great beings may have but that we could never possess ourselves.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Just as when in full bloom a rose emits its fragrance, when our inner energy is unlocked, the human body and mind emit a subtle and substantive radiance. 

When well-guided, this wonderful force gifts us with a sense of wisdom and the capacity for more magnificent levels of joy, love and compassion. 

The ancient arts of Yoga and Ayurveda give us a map, or a blueprint, on how to achieve such fulfillment in our own lives...

...this very lifetime. 

Some say that Yoga is the spiritual side of Ayurveda, or Ayurveda is the healing side of Yoga. The truth of the matter is that the two are inseparable. They together explain the architecture of the Universe, and thus the secrets of our minds, bodies, and life-vitality.

When we explore them with some depth, they act as an exquisite guide, a compassionate friend, a wisdom-field which we can lean upon at any time. 

This immersion-style course will serve as the vehicle to explore and experience Yoga’s 8 Human Vitalities.  



"I loved the potency of the practices and the discipline it required to commit to the structure from home. The highlights for me were the energy I felt within and around me after the early morning sadhana and chanting, the connectedness to Jai Dev’s presence even through the virtual arena, the delicate and powerful music of SIMRIT, and praying for compassion in solidarity with a worldwide community during a time of great unrest." - Neema 

"I really loved the format. It was wonderful to spend such concentrated time inside a virtual container that spanned several days with the community. The Zoom Room was so sweet. Of course, it's just amazing to have SIMRIT live there as well. It's just so special." - Kim 

"It was amazing to be able to still attend - from my living room - and particularly during a pandemic! I love in-person retreats but I found that I could take longer breaks if needed at home, so I could set my own pace. I loved that it was virtual and it didn’t lose any of the potency." - Kristen

"I can't thank all of you enough for creating a sacred space for me to practice more deeply compassion and love for myself and others, and for going deeper into the practice of stillness and deep listening within myself. I felt calm and more connected to my essence, to what really matters." - Sue Ann

"I LOVED the live music. It really enhanced the experience. It also helped that Jai Dev addressed those of us in the Zoom room, encouraging us and reminding us of certain things as if we were all together in one space." - Becca

"I definitely feel calmer. Even though I don't see or interact with LFA members, I feel more connected and a part of the community. The retreat gave me a feeling of belonging. The experience gave me the luxury of time to stay with my connection to what truly matters and to the divine within and that has deepened my confidence as well as a feeling of peace." - Sue Ann

"After the Immersion was over and the challenging contraction of life occurred, I kept coming back to that opening...the one that has given me the lens to see from a mindful and observing place. It is a place where I can cultivate the ability to not grip to the pleasures of life or avoid the pain. It is a vantage point that is constantly being nurtured, but post immersion I've experienced an anchoring that feels substantive. Saying that I am grateful...well...words just seem to fall short." - Mary

"I was renewed in my commitment to a kundalini yoga practice. I loved the feel of the community from LFA and the immersion, even though it was virtual, still felt like such a great connection, energetically, with everyone who was doing the meditations around the world at the same time. That was incredible and to revisit that feels like a huge uplift for me in my sentiments towards humanity right now." - Emily

"I feel more self-compassion and trust my intuition more. My consistency towards my practice has increased, because I really got the message that I could dedicate my practice to the happiness of others, and it's just so delightful to continue to bring this into focus when I practice now." - Michelle

About the Teachers:


Jai Dev Singh is a yogi and internationally-renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher. He is the founder of the Life-Force Academy and has authored numerous courses on Yoga and Ayurveda. He is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and formerly served as the Clinical Director at the California College of Ayurveda. He travels all over the world sharing ancient yogic teachings and practices.


Robert Thurman is one of the world's leading experts on Tibetan Buddhism. President and Co-Founder of Tibet House US and Menla Retreat, he was named one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential Americans and has been profiled by The New York Times and People Magazine. He has authored numerous books and is one of the world's most beloved American Buddhist teachers.


Wasfia Nazreen is known for being the only Bangladeshi and first Bengali in the world to climb the Seven Summits, the highest mountains of every continent. A human-rights activist, an environmentalist, a writer, educator, pilot, and producer -  Wasfia wears many hats, all of which are grounded in a strong foundation of meditation and self-realization practices. She has won numerous national and global awards for her activism and commitment to empowering women through the field of adventure.

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