A Full Moon Activation Webcast

With Teacher & Yogi Jai Dev Singh

 Join Jai Dev for a transporting experience! Using incredible yogic practices, blissful meditations, and ancient teachings, you will enter the Joy of the Infinite, where Love prevails & fears dissipate. It is free to attend from anywhere in the world.

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January 28th is the first Full Moon of this year.

This is a strong full moon in a very important time in our lives. It’s an important time for meditation, for dharma practice, and to harness the energy that’s available to us at this moment in time. 

At a time when so many of the pleasures that we’re used to have been taken out of our lives - we have a heightened opportunity to tap into creativity, and the deeper joy that doesn’t wax or wane depending on the outward circumstances of our life. 

This difficult time will pass - it will not go on forever.  It’s really important that while we’re here, we gain the medicine of what it has to offer - learning about ourselves, one another, and the essence of life that is the wellspring of all joy, and happiness. 

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