Prosperity & Purpose New Year's Activation

 Join teacher and yogi, Jai Dev, for a transporting experience!

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It’s that time of year again, and if you’ve been around the Life-Force Academy for New Year’s then you already know what’s up. This is our most popular event year after year.

There is nothing like getting the New Year going with a surge of prosperous energy, a deep reset for our mind and body, and a super-charge for our magnetic field.

Here’s how it works…

On Sunday, January the 2nd (and then streaming for a few days only), I’ll be leading a Global New Year’s Prosperity Activation Webcast. It’s free to attend and only takes a moment to register.

Then, starting on January the 6th, we’ll begin our 7th Annual 40-Day Prosperity Challenge.

Let’s face it, we all need prosperity. Each of us has important work to do and that work requires a flow of prosperity. Prosperity is not a monetary figure in the bank. In fact, that’s a ridiculous notion. Prosperity is far grander.

When we are prosperous, we deeply trust that our needs will be taken care of. Otherwise, we are consumed by contracted worries and doubts.

When we are prosperous, we can easily tune into our sense of purpose. Otherwise, we lack the passion and energy to magnetize.

When we are prosperous, we are naturally inspired to serve others through our life. Otherwise, we suffer from self-centered scarcity.

Any of us can create a surge of prosperity in our lives. The secret to how to do this is two-fold:

First, I have to be able to tune into my genuine sense of purpose.

Second, I need to then be able to transmute that sense of purpose into a flow of prosperity.

It will take you about 15 seconds to register. Mark your calendar, set your reminders, and join in. You’ll be so happy you did.