A Solar Eclipse Activation Webcast

Returning To The Heart

With Teacher & Yogi Jai Dev Singh

 Join Jai Dev for a transporting eclipse activation experience! Using potent yoga practices, blissful meditation, and wisdom teachings, you will enter the realm of the timeless, where love prevails & fear dissolves. It is free to attend from anywhere in the world. No previous experience necessary.

* Limited spots are available for this webinar, so claim yours now! *

On-Demand Replay Available Now


As we look to close out a year that will be forever etched in our collective consciousness, we arrive at an epic eclipse event on Monday, December 14th. 

Here, we reach an important milestone on our mysterious journey of life, and a wonderful opportunity to finally turn the page. 

December 14th (and the days around it) is a time to focus-in on what’s most important in our life, and use that special and sensitive window of time to build our body’s energy system, and mobilize your life-force in the direction of greater mental, physical, and spiritual vitality. We have an opportunity to experience entirely new levels of inner stamina, and the blissful return to the tender heart of compassion.

On the eclipse day, we are gathering together in the Life-Force Academy ‘Dharma-Cloud’ — our virtual event hall — our global space of learning, building and inspiration.

  • Here we strengthen our deep vitality and immune intelligence. 
  • We bring our minds into meditative clarity
  • We activate our innate intuitive power. 
  • We direct our heart’s energy to the flow of expansive compassion.

You’re invited to this very special free event. Join thousands of people from over 60 countries throughout the world, tuning in from any device you prefer (but we recommend the best quality video and audio as is truly a multi-sensory experience). 

Looking forward to meditating with you on the Eclipse!