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The Complete 6-Week Home Course

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Inside 'The Joy Of The Infinite 2.0'

In ordinary circumstances, our mind continues in the same direction it's already accustomed to. Thus, while our life circumstances may change some, the depth of our contentment remains more or less the same.

The Joy of the Infinite takes us on a journey over a period of about six weeks.

It's substantive enough in both time and subject matter to create a significant transformation in our life. The mind tunes itself to a mysterious and wonderful realm of subtlety. We witness our innate brilliance and unending energy-source.

We emerge with new confidence and glow.

In his unique and genuine teaching style, Jai Dev blends a substantive grasp of yogic science with his poetic sensibility. He delivers otherwise complex spiritual teachings with profound simplicity, practicality, and groundedness. 

Each module of the course builds upon the foundation developed in the previous ones. The goal is not a quantity of information, but rather a depth of experience. This course is for anyone, regardless of whether you are new to Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice or if you are a seasoned practitioner. It has a beautiful way of meeting you just where you are.

"A genuine experience of that which is infinite, that which is non-dying, becomes a brilliant light within us — a guiding torch revealing who we are and what we are here to do. This 'yogic discovery' activates our happiness, it gives us vitality and strength, and ultimately it brings us into an unspeakable bliss."

-Jai Dev Singh

Module 1: The Nectar-Giving Medicine

Our journey begins here. In many ways, it's the first module that is the most important. It’s here we re-calibrate our motivation for living and connect to our deeper sense of purpose. We tune into the more substantive facets of our being, and in a courageous act of self-love, we begin to cut the roots of that which feeds our worries, fears, depressions, and insecurities. 

In Module 1, you’ll begin the ‘Core Practice’ of Joy of the Infinite. It’s a transporting yoga and meditation sequence that, when done with some consistency, is a true game-changer. The Core Practice acts as the catalyst to bring these teachings to life!

Module 2: Deathlessness Pt. 1 — Death Is The Door

It is in Module 2 that we meet the second half of the Joy of the Infinite ‘Core Practice.’ Among all the great meditations of Kundalini Yoga, this one sits among the most cherished. In terms of purifying the psyche and cultivating intuitive awareness, it is like a priceless jewel. We are left with a sense of vivid clarity and are able to peer into the deeper purpose of what we’re here to do.

For the flowers of joy to consistently bloom in our lives, the ‘environment’ of our mind must be rich. Our minds become tuned to the more substantive nature of what we are.

Module 3: Deathlessness Pt. 2 —Touch of the Infinite

The beauty of the ‘death teachings’ is that they give us tremendous insight into our true nature. Our smaller sense of identity begins to dissolve as the subtle and ever present non-dying spirit emerges. As long as the mind is gripped onto the finite nature as its foundation, fears and suffering strengthen their momentum. When we experience the non-dying energy of our being, everything changes. 

In this mystical and enlivening module, we begin the ‘death rehearsal’. These are practical and life-changing teachings that not only help us to become more comfortable with the idea of death, but allow us to live with more vibrancy and understanding. 

Module 4: Traveling the Blue Ethers — Part One

In this module, we begin our journey into the Blue Ethers—the realms of consciousness which effect our human lives, and the subtle realms beyond the human form. When we explore the Ethers through teachings and meditation, we are exploring the depth of our own consciousness, and our own infinite capacity for love and awareness. We begin to ask ourselves the meditative questions of the heart that can give us the power and inspiration to be more fully present in this life. 

Here, with Jai Dev as our guide, we beautifully weave our way through the Akashic (etheric) realms where we gain tremendous insight into the purpose of our lives.

Module 5: Traveling the Blue Ethers — Part Two

According to the yogis, the mind is designed as a tool to help us access higher realms of consciousness. The heavenly realms are not located in some far-off galaxy, but right here. By developing our subtle perception through meditation, we begin to perceive with a much wider and finer view.

As we continue our journey through the Blue Ethers, we begin to see Planet Earth differently—not as an awful place, but as a royal court in which our psyche is purified for blissfulness. In the second part of the Blue Ether journey, Jai Dev leans upon the transcendent poetry of Guru Nanak's Japji to describe and tap into the most subtle and glorious realms of consciousness.

Module 6: Rebirth

In this final module of the course, we emerge from the deep work we've done together to be born anew. We'll find that it was more than worth the effort. The fruits that blossom from genuinely practicing a Dharma — purifying our negative habits, cultivation of subtle awareness, and arousing impartial compassion — are beyond measure.

More fully aware of the preciousness of this human life, we can make far greater and more profound changes than ever before. We have now cultivated the power necessary to draw the line in the sand with the non-supportive habits of the mind, and commit to the new ways of thinking and being that will propel us forward on our life-path.

The Full Course Details:

The course consists of six video modules delivered immediately. We recommend completing the course over a period of six weeks so that you can assimilate the teachings and practices at an effective pace. Each module is an hour to an hour and a half in length.

  • Each class is provided in both video and audio format. The video format is dynamic and adds a visual element to the learning experience. The audio allows you to listen on the go!
  • You can stream the classes from the course website and/or download the video and audio files to your computer. It's very flexible and accessible for every lifestyle. There is no rush to finish the course.
  • You will own the course and can access it at any time you wish. It is a powerful life asset that is yours forever.
  • Each module includes the warriorship teachings, practical applications, kriyas, and blissful meditations.
  • If for any reason you decide the course is not for you, you have a full 60-day period to let us know and we'll send you a full refund. It's risk free. 


When you purchase the Joy of the Infinite 2.0 Course, we will gift you with full access to our first-ever Virtual Immersion Experience: The Life-Force Academy Immersion filmed live in June of 2020.

This course on its own sells for $498. It is our gift to you. The teachings in this Immersion go hand in hand with the Joy of the Infinite 2.0 coursework.

Watch the videos below for the full details.

  • The Immersion Course consists of nine video sessions recorded at the 2020 June Immersion.
  • Each session is provided in video & audio format. The video format is dynamic and adds a visual element to the learning experience. The audio allows you to listen on the go!
  • You can stream the sessions from our website and/or download the video/audio files to your computer. This way you can enjoy the content offline.
  • You will own the Immersion content forever and can access it at any time you wish.


The Complete 6-Week Home Course

Regular Price: $570.00

Your Price: Only $349

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Jai Dev.

Jai Dev is a yogi, mystic, and internationally renowned teacher. He is the founder of the Life-Force Academy—a global community for yogic teachings and practices to help us connect to our deeper purpose.

He has authored numerous courses on Yogic Philosophy, Meditation Practice, Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda. In addition to his work as a Yogi, Jai Dev has a background in Ayurvedic Medicine and is a certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist.

He travels all over the world sharing ancient yogic teachings and practices in a uniquely accessible way that’s relevant for our times.  

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