Led by Yogi & Teacher, Jai Dev Singh & Special Guests

OCTOBER 11th-15th, 2023


Magnetism is something we all want and need, yet so few of us focus on it enough to generate a noticeable effect. 

Who doesn’t want to feel magnetic?

Who doesn’t want to have the ability to manifest the prosperity they desire?

We all do. Yet not all of us have acquired the type of magnetics that will actualize those things in our lives. 

That’s what this experience is all about.

Over the course of eight powerful sessions, we will systematically build our magnetism in a way that is practical, authentic, and wonderfully mystic. 

We’ll enjoy transporting Kundalini Yoga practices, extraordinary sound experiences, deep dives into timeless wisdom, and blissful meditation journeys. 

One thing’s for sure — when we emerge from the finale of this course, our lives will be different. We see with more color, feel with more bandwidth, love with more depth, and live with more joy. 

I want to personally invite you to join me for ‘A Shining Jewel’ — an immersion of mastering your own magnetism — being taught over the potent window of the solar eclipse. 

This will be one for the ages.


A Shining Jewel: Master Your Magnetism

A Virtual Eclipse Retreat

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  • Receive Cosmic Rhythm Retreat

Live Only: $279

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  • Does Not Include Cosmic Rhythm
Or Join Us IN-PERSON in The Catskills, NY at Menla Retreat Center 




By working with astrological archetypes, we are afforded a wisdom-rich mythology through which we can explore and elevate the inner energy of our minds and hearts.

By working with the Navgraha, the planets of Vedic Astrology, we systematically purify and harmonize our entire human architecture — from the physical body to the ocean of our emotional waters, to the subtle winds of our life-force, to the transcendent quantum field of our nucleus-soul. The experience is set to the extroardinary soundscapes of three members of the SIMRIT project: Salif Bamakora on the Kora, Jared May on Bass, and Devon Ashely on Percussion.

Here, we learn to live in the highest octave of our life journey.

WEDNESDAY 10/11/23 ☀️ 7:30pm - 9:30pm ET with LIVE music

Water Element - Svadisthana - Expansion - Visionary - Sagittarius/Pisces

Prosperity, pleasure, wisdom, and good fortune — none of us will complain when a healthy serving of all of the above lands on our plates! Prosperity is the graceful flow of abundance that occurs when we synchronize with our life’s unique dharma, our purpose.

Jupiter is divine love, joy, and wisdom. In our opening session, we activate the Jupiter force and the flow of great prosperity.

THURSDAY 10/12/23 ☀️ 9:30am - 1pm ET

Earth Element -  Muladhara  - Containment - Practicality -  Capricorn/Aquarius

The Saturn archetype is one that shows us reality — without the fluff! It challenges us to strengthen our resolve, put an end to our inner pity party, and step up into our life’s great responsibilities. Once we do, though, we will experience Saturn’s great gifts: commitment, strength, work ethic, and laser focus.  

This energy is austere, and yet essential if we want to create a happiness that will not wax and wane! In Session 2 we will harmonize with the great magnetics of Saturn!

THURSDAY 10/12/23 ☀️ 4pm - 6pm ET with LIVE music

Fire Element - Manipura - Energy - Self-Confidence & Focus - Scorpio/Aries

How can we summon our life’s great energy? How do we harness our life-force and mobilize it in the direction of tremendous clarity and purpose? How will we cause our fire to glow with radiance, and to not burn in ways that harms ourselves and others?

In session three, we harness our inner power and activate the ‘dharma-engine’ of our life. We boost our vital energy, strengthen immune intelligence, and achieve genuine self-confidence.

FRIDAY 10/13/23 ☀️ 9:30am - 1pm ET

Air Element - Anahata -Inspiration - Love of Truth - Taurus/Libra

It is here that we enter the realm of the timeless lover. Our path is no longer a dry science. It is a courtship, a love affair. You become the great artist with all of life as your muse. Pleasure and pain dissolve into bliss. Love rules the day. 

Session 4 is a flow of beauty, a ritual of enjoyment and pleasure. It is a filling of our cup and a blossoming of the blissful heart.

FRIDAY 10/13/23 ☀️ 4pm - 6pm ET with LIVE music

Ether Element - Vishuddha - Expression - Intelligence - Virgo/Gemini

Of all the five sensory elements, sound is the most subtle — and thus most powerful. The yogis understand sound as the substratum of the Universe. The pure sound vibration that emanates from the nucleus of our universe is called naad, the Universal Tone. When that cosmic sound flows through us unadulterated, we experience it as living truth — pure intelligence. 

By working with our sound, we tune up our entire mind/body instrument. We vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos clears the path. Session 5 is a total vibration.

SATURDAY 10/14/23 ☀️ 9:30am - 1pm ET {{ECLIPSE TIME}}

Super Ether - Medulla - Intuition - Soma (bliss) - Cancer

All our emotions can be felt as energy in motion, on the pathway to becoming love. It is from deep within our subconscious mind that our oldest emotional tendencies are formed — the structures often blocking us from experiencing our deepest love. Astrologically, all of this is represented by the moon. 

In Session 6, we clear the subconscious mind of its sticky mental and emotional patterns to make room for Soma — the lunar nectar of bliss. We gain the most magnetic power of all: learning to feel safe and secure in our own body and mind.

SATURDAY 10/14/23 ☀️ 4pm - 6pm ET with LIVE music

Light - Ajna - Spiritual Vitality - Positive Spirit - Leo 

The brightness that beams through your eyes, the warmth of your presence — these are the signs of the essential you. Courage is the natural emanation of a human who has become well-aligned with the energy of their soul. They know what they’re about, and are confident in their life’s direction. The sense of inner nobility arises, and doubts fall away. 

In Session 7, we brighten ourselves and power our magnetism with the solar force.

SUNDAY 10/15/23 ☀️ 9:30am - 12:30pm ET with LIVE music

Crown - Radiant Body - Atma/Self

The grand finale of our journey – session 8 – may be the most blissful of all. Now that we’ve brought our body, mind, and electromagnetism come into a rhythmic, harmonic synchrony — the magic can truly experienced. A special brightness comes through the eyes. All the cells of the body are revitalized. Life has a newfound inspiration, joy, and ease. 

In Session 8, we seal our journey and emerge beaming our radiance and essential beauty. Any circumstance of life, we know we can move with our revitalized magnetism.

How the Retreat Works:

The Eclipse Retreat consists of eight sessions. The entire event will be streamed live, and recordings will be available after.

  • Each session is provided in video format. The week after the Retreat we will be adding audio files. The video format is dynamic and adds a visual element to the learning experience. The audio allows you to listen on the go!
  • You can stream the sessions live from our website, or watch as a replay right away during or after the event, and/or download the video/audio files to your computer after the event concludes. This way you can enjoy the content offline after the event.
  • You will own the Retreat content forever and can access it at any time you wish. The virtual aspect of the event offers attendees the ability to relive the Retreat experience again and again.



As a student of the Shining Jewel, you'll be gifted a whole other course! This is our Cosmic Rhythm Eclipse Retreat course, an experiential journey into the heart of your magnetism, vitality, and radiance. Featuring live music by the SIMRIT project, this will take you on a journey that will bring forth the brilliant essence of you.

Read All About the Cosmic Rhythm Retreat Here



THURSDAY 10/12/23 — 7:30pm - 9:30pm ET

Robert Thurman is one of the world's leading experts on Tibetan Buddhism. President and Co-Founder of Tibet House US and Menla Retreat, he was named one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential Americans and has been profiled by The New York Times and People Magazine. He has authored numerous books and is one of the world's most beloved American Buddhist teachers.



Can an online retreat really help me transform my life in the same way that an in-person retreat could?

  • We at Life-Force Academy have spent the last several years blazing the trail in developing online immersive yoga retreats that really deliver, no matter where you are in the world. The advent of high-speed Internet and digital camera technology has only made the transmission of these teachings and these practices easier and more accessible. This isn’t some Zoom Room – this is a Virtual Teaching Hall with cinematic sound & video that will transport you! Scroll down and read through testimonials from previous virtual retreat attendees.

What if I can’t fit this into my schedule?

  • With the livestream-only package, you can attend on your own time zone, from anywhere in the world. For those who have previously scheduled obligations, the Full Event Package gives you on-demand recordings for life. We put this event together with busy people in mind, and recommend that if you can’t join us for every session live, then to do one session per week, and spend the Fall really going deep into these practices and teachings. Or, you can participate at whatever pace suits you – the recordings will always be available to you!

Do I have to be tech savvy to participate?

  • All you need to do to participate is click a link in your email, and click the play button on the video player – it’s literally that easy! We also have a great support staff available by email, phone, or text, that will help walk you through any technical difficulties you may experience over the course of the event.

Is there a community aspect to the virtual experience?

  • Definitely! Many folks who attend yoga retreats find the community aspect to be integral to the overall experience – that’s why we hold space for any attendee to join a community Zoom space, if they wish, to practice with a group, and chat or share in between sessions. This is a great way to stay grounded and connected to the vibrant community of folks just like yourself who are working to use these teachings and practices to improve their lifelong health & happiness. 

How is attending this event going to impact me and my unique life circumstances?

  • The work that we are going to do together will meet you right where you are at – whether you’re a longtime practitioner, brand new to this kind of thing, or anywhere in between. And get this…we’ve put together this free masterclass that you can take now, where Jai Dev will teach you how to use elementary astrology to determine which area of your life will be most impacted by this upcoming Eclipse – you can bring this information to the retreat, and work with the energies in that area of your life for the most potent effect!


"I loved the potency of the practices and the discipline it required to commit to the structure from home. The highlights for me were the energy I felt within and around me after the early morning sadhana and chanting, the connectedness to Jai Dev’s presence even through the virtual arena, the delicate and powerful music of SIMRIT, and praying for compassion in solidarity with a worldwide community during a time of great unrest." - Neema 

"I really loved the format. It was wonderful to spend such concentrated time inside a virtual container that spanned several days with the community. The Zoom Room was so sweet. Of course, it's just amazing to have SIMRIT live there as well. It's just so special." - Kim 

"It was amazing to be able to still attend - from my living room - and particularly during a pandemic! I love in-person retreats but I found that I could take longer breaks if needed at home, so I could set my own pace. I loved that it was virtual and it didn’t lose any of the potency." - Kristen

"I can't thank all of you enough for creating a sacred space for me to practice more deeply compassion and love for myself and others, and for going deeper into the practice of stillness and deep listening within myself. I felt calm and more connected to my essence, to what really matters." - Sue Ann

"I LOVED the live music. It really enhanced the experience. It also helped that Jai Dev addressed those of us in the Zoom room, encouraging us and reminding us of certain things as if we were all together in one space." - Becca

"I definitely feel calmer. Even though I don't see or interact with LFA members, I feel more connected and a part of the community. The retreat gave me a feeling of belonging. The experience gave me the luxury of time to stay with my connection to what truly matters and to the divine within and that has deepened my confidence as well as a feeling of peace." - Sue Ann

"After the Immersion was over and the challenging contraction of life occurred, I kept coming back to that opening...the one that has given me the lens to see from a mindful and observing place. It is a place where I can cultivate the ability to not grip to the pleasures of life or avoid the pain. It is a vantage point that is constantly being nurtured, but post immersion I've experienced an anchoring that feels substantive. Saying that I am grateful...well...words just seem to fall short." - Mary

"I was renewed in my commitment to a kundalini yoga practice. I loved the feel of the community from LFA and the immersion, even though it was virtual, still felt like such a great connection, energetically, with everyone who was doing the meditations around the world at the same time. That was incredible and to revisit that feels like a huge uplift for me in my sentiments towards humanity right now." - Emily

"I feel more self-compassion and trust my intuition more. My consistency towards my practice has increased, because I really got the message that I could dedicate my practice to the happiness of others, and it's just so delightful to continue to bring this into focus when I practice now." - Michelle

A Shining Jewel: Master Your Magnetism

A Virtual Eclipse Retreat

This offer is available for a limited time. Register for the Full Package or Live Only and get nearly 50% off the regular price!

Sale Price

Full Package: $379

  • Get A Shining Jewel Live-Stream
  • Available On-Demand Afterward
  • Own the Recordings Forever
  • Receive Cosmic Rhythm Retreat

Live Only: $279

  • Get A Shining Jewel Live-Stream
  • Not Available On-Demand Afterward
  • Does Not Include Recordings
  • Does Not Include Cosmic Rhythm

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Jai Dev Singh is a yogi and internationally-renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher. He is the founder of the Life-Force Academy and has authored numerous courses on Yoga and Ayurveda. He is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and formerly served as the Clinical Director at the California College of Ayurveda. He travels all over the world sharing ancient yogic teachings and practices.