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Human radiance isn’t just a concept; it’s the powerful energy that emerges once we’ve let go of pretenses and our authentic brilliance is allowed to shine. Maybe you don't think you have brilliance…give it a try.

What Kundalini Yoga calls the ‘radiant body’ is a psycho-magnetic vibrational field which interacts with and influences your life environment. 

We need our radiance. 

When we feel connected to what our life is truly all about, we feel our radiance. 

The radiant body definitely brings a special, subtle glow to the eyes and presence. The wishes and visions we have for our life start to come to pass. We naturally move in the direction of our life’s own design. 

The Radiant Body is something we all can cultivate, step by step. When used wisely, the teachings and practices of Kundalini Yoga catalyze its development, and we experience the effects. It brings courage, vitality, and a deeply connected sense of purpose. 

It lessens anxiety. 

It lightens depression. 

It transmutes rage and anger. 

We find real clarity and an inner wisdom that we can always tap into no matter what life brings.  

The Life-Force Academy Radiant Body Coursework will guide you step by step into the journey of discovering, developing, and experiencing the mysterious and wonderful Radiant Body.



Our journey begins at the very nucleus of the human being where the yogis describe three powers of magnetism and our subtle nature that transcends even death. 

This is the jumping-off point for working with your magnetic energy so that the body and mind are given a new inner vitality. You’ll be introduced to the central practice of the Radiant Body Course and encouraged to work with it on a weekly basis. When your magnetism is strong, the mind becomes clear and your life aspirations gain positive momentum. 

Module One begins the activation of the Radiant Body. 


The mind is powerful. It can produce the deepest suffering or the greatest bliss. To study the architecture of the mind is both profound and practical. Here, it's not overly complicated and it's easy enough to understand. At the same time, it's highly sophisticated, and gives the practitioner the insight and vision necessary to transform the mind's crucial tendencies. The result is that we experience greater and greater happiness. With some consistency and practice, we learn to use the mind as a wonderful tool to shape our reality in the direction of our desires. We can beam a thought, feeling, and emotion to produce lasting joy, happiness, and compassion. 

In Module Two, we enter into the path of mind mastery!


The magnetics of the mind are relatively simple to understand, but often difficult to practice. The delicate process of activating the radiant body involves working with the powerful emotions and desires we all experience. Here, things get real. We all want to shine with great brilliance, yet in order to do so we must be willing to do the difficult work of purifying the dense parts of our mind which obstruct our light from shining! 

In Module Three, we use tantric meditations to harness the mind's power for greater happiness and bliss.


The human body/mind is animated by five “pranic winds.” When these winds are out of balance, all kinds of dis-ease, of both the body and mind, begin to emerge. When our pranic energy—our life-force—is in balance, it acts as a rhythmic love intelligence. It activates as a catalyst for spiritual acceleration. It brings us into greater harmony with our true nature, with the world around us, and with all of Creation.

In Module Four, we learn the specific yogic practices and meditations that generate balance and bring the subtle forces of our energetic body into deeper alignment. Together, we will use our bodies and minds as marvelous instruments, to vibrate a radiance throughout time and space.


Perhaps more than anything else, the human body is a metabolic organism. The balance of Earth/Water & Air/Ether is controlled by the supremely important Fire Element.

In Module Five, you’ll discover the five primary seats of fire in the body, how to decrease their inflammatory tendencies and how to ignite them for luster, radiance, and spiritual awareness. This isn’t just about the body, it’s about metabolizing emotion into compassion; it’s about discerning falsehood from truth, and utilizing every experience in our lives into a vehicle to experience greater Love.


One can have great fire, powerful prana, and illuminated awareness, but if it is not contained within the nourishing waters of the body, these powers are non-sustainable. Without proper insulation, even a well-tended fire will burn us out. On the physical level, the nourishing juices of the body provide youth, luster, and protection. On a subtle level, they provide the mind with sweet devotion and bliss!

Module Six is the art and science of building the container that makes radiance thrive throughout our lives.


Every human being has a magnetic field. When our magnetic field is weak, we are more susceptible to stress and overwhelm. When it is strong, we can withstand whatever life throws at us. Practices that strengthen the magnetic field are essential for the practitioner who is endeavoring to build their radiance. Yet our overall magnetism goes far beyond the human electromagnetic field. It includes the subtle body, the arc line, our life force, and the currents of the mental beam.

Module Seven brings you the teachings and practices to build a magnificent magnetic field!


The grand finale of the course does not disappoint. When the radiant body lights up, it's as if we can see everything in our life with a fresh, clear perspective. We no longer question our life’s direction. We know what our life is about. We can feel our great purpose and we have the courage to actualize it. That’s the radiant body. It brings new prosperity and a zest for life. 

In the final Module we dive deep into the mystical reality of the radiant body and you will learn the potent and wonderful kriya which lights it up! 


  • The course consists of eight complete modules delivered immediately. You'll receive weekly reminders to keep you on a 8-week track so you can assimilate the teachings and practices at an effective pace. Each module is an hour to an hour and a half in length.
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  • There will be a core yoga/meditation practice that you will work with each day as you move through the course. The everyday practice is what makes the course experience particularly transformative.
  • If for any reason you decide the course is not for you, you have a full 60-day guarantee period to let us know and we'll send you a full refund. It's risk free. 


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There is a mathematical reality to the universe, of which the yogis have codified and passed down through time. By understanding the numerology associated with the different facets of the human being, one can gain great insight into their personal strengths, talents, as well as weaknesses and challenges (and how to overcome them).  

Jai Dev will teach the basics of understanding the yogic science of numerology and how you can calculate your own numbers and gain insights that will help you along your path. You will understand how to design your yoga practice based on your unique numerology.


The Gong is the supreme sound tool for inducing a deep meditative state, cleansing the subconscious mind, and assisting you into a state of wonderful relaxation. 'Naad Rasayan' is Jai Dev Singh's new guided meditation, visualization, and Gong recording that you'll receive as a free bonus to the Radiant Body Course. This powerful audio recording can be used before bed, or any time you wish. Simply lay down, put on your headphones, and go on a journey into the realm of the supreme sound.  

Naad is the awakening power within the sound current. Rasayan is a type of profound rejuvenation that promotes healing and longevity. The Naad Rasayan recording can be used on your computer, iPhone, Android, or any other MP3 player.


As a student of the Radiant Body Course, you'll be gifted a whole other course! This is our 8 Human Vitalities Immersion-style course, an experiential journey into the heart of your magnetism, vitality, and radiance. Featuring live music by the SIMRIT project, this will take you on a journey that will bring forth the brilliant essence of you.

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See what others are saying about the Radiant Body Course:

"The Radiant Body course fell into my lap at a crucial time in my life, after I had been through a total life change and upheaval. Jai Dev is an absolute wealth of knowledge. I am so impressed with the detail and explanation that he gives, as well as his easy to follow instructions. The music that is paired with this course is just beautiful as well. I decided to do this course to work on changing my patterns and to create a more positive and vital self and this course is allowing me to achieve exactly that. Couldn’t be more impressed and highly recommend to everyone."


"The teacher comes when the pupil is ready- I wish this was taught in every school in the world , but everything has to find its time and place, but individually the quest for learning and the wish and will to receive must meet what is offered with an open heart. I will recommend the course everywhere people will be interested"

"This course is for everyone, it will help you to focus on a weekly practice and you will want to learn more each week. By practicing on a regular basis your friends and family will notice a difference in you and you will radiate a glow, energy and feel more confident about yourself. If you can't afford the program get a friend a share the cost. Good way to introduce someone to Kundalini Yoga"

I have never been interested in yoga until now. I entered the course with very little experience - now, I wait all day for the moment of my practice. I found the motivation to do it regularly, and my life is changing for the better! Thanks again for making it this easy to practice at home!"


Regular Price: $695.00

Sale Price: Only $395

Join now to gain access to The Radiant Body Home Course. Access in both video & audio format. Download course content to listen offline, or stream anytime from any device!

Jai Dev.

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He has authored numerous courses on Yogic Philosophy, Meditation Practice, Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda. In addition to his work as a Yogi, Jai Dev has a background in Ayurvedic Medicine and is a certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist.

He travels all over the world sharing ancient yogic teachings and practices in a uniquely accessible way that’s relevant for our times.  

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